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Difference Between Football And Soccer

Football is one of the most popular sports in the whole world. We know how enthralled the whole world is when the Football World Cup starts.
But then what is soccer?
Many say that both words refer to the same game, while some say that both are different games.
The truth is that both the games are different while having some similarities.
Football :
Football is actually the common name of all those sport which involve the use of the foot and ball to score goals. This term can be applied to any form of football. Some of the different types of football games are association football, gridiron football, Australian football, rugby, and Gaelic football.

In different football games, the players can use the hands, feet, or whole body to move the ball.
Football games used rounded or pointed balls depending on the format of the game.
Soccer :
The game association football is what is commonly known as soccer.
In soccer only the feet can be used.
Soccer uses sphere balls only.
In short Soccer is just one type of Football game.
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