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Tall Wood Building

Following Are The Major Steps Of Tall Wood Building Construction:
 Formation Of Firm Foundation
 Formation Of Skeleton
 Fixing Of Floors
 Fixing Of Internal And Exterior Wall
 Placing The Building Envelope
1. Formation Of Firm Foundation:-
Whole tall wood building is constructed over firm foundation.This foundation is mainly made up of concrete of high grade.This base should have ability to transfer the load over hardstrata safely.
2. Formation Of Skeleton:-
Structural skeleton is made-up by various steel section.These are main component to hold the whole structure against various forces viz. Wind force, seismic force.
3. Fixing Of Floors:-
Fixing of floors is similar task to that traditional one.In this step mass timber is used as main structural component while thin layer of concrete is use as servicing floor.
4. Fixing Of Internal And Exterior Wall:-
With combination of various joints the internal and external wall are fixed.These walls are
madeup of mass timber and some special feature like sound proofing is also added to enhance
the service of the wall.
5. Placing The Building Envelope:-
Finally the protective and aesthetic building envelope is fixed as per the requirement of the
building.This building envelope is similar to other concrete building.
 The case for tall wood buildings by mgb ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN
Equilibrium Consulting LMDG Ltd BTY Group