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Roominess :-

A psychological feeling about bigness or smallness of space/room is called as roominess. In other words roominess is an illusion of human eyes refers to the effect produced by deriving the maximum benefits from the minimum dimensions of a room. This illusion should be properly use to give better roominess.
            Factors affecting of roominess are :-
·        Size of the room
·        Shape of the room
·        Furniture used
·        Position of doors, windows.

 The size and shape of certain rooms create desirable and undesirable impressions regard roominess. A square room appears smaller than the rectangular room of same area. A trapezoidal room appears roomier than a rectangular one. Hence many modern planners make the common wall dividing two rectangular rooms slightly skew. This makes both rooms trapezoidal and thereby increases the roominess.

It is also relatively smaller in respect of utility. Better proportion of the length to breadth for good rooms is considered as L: B = 1.2 to 1.5: 1.If the ratio exceeds one and half', then again bad effect may be created. Room, having its length twice the width is objectionable as it creates tunnel-like feeling.
By proper planning roominess can be achieve. Also by proper interior decoration, a small room can appear much better and more comfortable.

Reference Books :- 

  1. 'Building Drawing' By N.A.Upadhye, Tech-Max Publications
  2. 'Building A Sweet Home' By Suraj Ambadas Laghe