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Presence Of God :-

One of the most complicated topic of the universe. In this topic I don’t want to hurt any religion.
We all know that in science, Conservation Of Energy states that, “ Energy can be neither created nor be destroyed ,but it can change form. ”
Now we also know that the summary or conclusion of each religion says that,” God has no shape; neither created nor be destroyed, but present everywhere.”
My personal opinion about presence of God is that, “The similar definition of Energy and God shows that, there is God. But presence of god is surely rejected, if anyone proves the definition of Energy Conservation is false ”
Don’t believe the presence or absence of God because other says.
But by the following questions you may answer yourself.
If you believe that there is God, then ask yourself : “ have you made confusion with yourself by believing energy as God ?”
If you believe that there is no God, then ask yourself : “ Can you prove the scientific definition of Energy Conservation is false?”
:-By Suraj Ambadas Laghe (Date 21/04/2015,Time : 11:50 AM)
Notes :-
1.I don’t want to hurt any religion.
2.Each and every word is based on facts of science and religion.
3.If found any correction or suggestion. Your always welcome.

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