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End of the water bottle? Edible algae 'balloon' could cut plastic waste :-

To solve the rising number of plastic bottles filling up landfills around the world, a trio of designers has created an alternative - a container made from an edible algae balloon, called : Ooho, the spheres can be produced in different sizes, hygienically protect the liquid inside, and cost just 2 cents (less Rs 0.50) each.



  • The Ooho sphere has a double gelatinous membrane.

  • It is made using a mixture of sodium alginate, taken from brown algae, and calcium chloride.

  • The spheres are created using gelification - a technique used in cooking to turn liquids into gel by adding an edible gelling agent.

  • The inventors experimented with various spherification techniques, using different ingredients and proportions, before settling on the Ooho final ‘recipe’.

  • Packaging labels can be added to the Ooho, between the two layers, without adhesive, and are edible too, if they’re made from rice paper.

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